Faole SDA Adult Literacy School

Port Moresby – Faole SDA Adult Literacy School – Erima receives timely assistance from ADRA PNG through Anglicare PNG Inc.

“Everyone has the right to learn, nothing is too late”

This was the message given by a special guest at the Faole SDA Adult Literacy School presentation at Erima in the Nation’s Capital recently.

Ms. Jasmine Simyunn Country Director, for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (PNG ADRA) said during her speech that nothing in life was easy but there are always solutions to every problem. “Put God first and you as the individual will make the changes in life to make a change and solve your problems, the spirit in you makes you overcome your challenges” she said.

The presentation was an initiative of ADRA PNG through Anglicare PNG Inc. as it had created a partnership with the Faole SDA Church to start an Adult Literacy Centre to cater for the Church members and also the surrounding community of Erima.

Mr. Gideon Mii Chairman of the Faole SDA Adult Literacy School was full of praise for the assistance given by ADRA PNG as it would ease the load of students per class. He said that adult learners currently numbered 33 who are taking classes within the church building. Mr. Mii added that with the donation of canvasses and white boards, they can now have classes outdoors.

He said he wanted the community through the church to take ownership of the Adult Literacy School so that there would be progress in years to come, and one being the suggestion to open another Adult Literacy School for the community of Erima as a whole.

A female leaner thanked Anglicare and ADRA for the timely donation but also raised the question to what their future was when they completed their final level 3. “Sapos mipla finis lo levol 3 bai mipla go wer?” She added that they wanted to continue their education but did not know the procedures involved.

Branch Manager for Anglicare Port Moresby, Mr. Bernard Paru gave an assurance that the Faole Literacy School learners were more than welcome to enter the Anglicare Adult School and Anglicare would help in finding a placing in FODE for those who did well and wished to further their education in Technical and Vocational Training Institutions (TVET).

Ms. Gloria Numa a Program Coordinator for ADRA was pleased at the progress of the Adult Literacy School and also gave her insight to the importance of learning and seeking further education.

(L) Daphne Dickson Teacher In Charge of the Faole SDA Adult Literacy School (Erima) presents a gift to Ms. Jasmine Simyunn (R) Country Director for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (PNG ADRA) in July, 2014

(L) Daphne Dickson Teacher In Charge of the Faole SDA Adult Literacy School (Erima) presents a gift to Ms. Jasmine Simyunn (R) Country Director for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (PNG ADRA) in July, 2014


About Anglicare PNG Inc

Anglicare is a National NGO started in Port Moresby and now has establishments in Popondetta, Morobe, Mt. Hagen and Wabag. We also cover nearby provinces like Central and Gulf in our work. The Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby initiated to establish originally called Anglicare StopAIDS PNG (and then changed to Anglicare PNG Inc in 2010 to show the national approach) as a Church response to the growing concern of the rising HIV and AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Papua New Guinea. The concern was not limited to raising awareness, educating, counselling and testing, but to offer care, support, and treatment for the infected and affected due to the high prevalence of stigma and discrimination. Anglicare was established in January 2000 from very humble beginnings by two female expatriates in Port Moresby, Kay Nicol and late Jeannette Southwell, and was incorporated in October of 2002. Anglicare has continued to grow in size due to the securing of Donor funding from a number of organisations over the years and the requests from the communities for services and training in relation to HIV and AIDS. People want to be informed of the changes occurring in their world, but need others to give them accurate information on the things that affect and contribute to the changes. This is where in the past Anglicare had built a reputation of ‘working in the community’ and reaching out to the grass roots people in the isolated areas. The organisation has been instrumental in encouraging more women to participate in decision making and supported them in care development training over the years. The programs and activities have also highlighted many of the gender related issues that women have been dealing with.
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12 Responses to Faole SDA Adult Literacy School

  1. Mary Brenda Maino says:

    This is very inspiring and good for all who did not have the chance to finish their education when they were small due to whatever reasons they had.
    Anyways, can you also help adults who know nothing about reading and writing English or Tok-Pisin just like the small children?
    Is anyone welcomed to your school?
    Do we have to pay any fee?
    How long do you have to teach them?


    • Hi Mary, Thank you for your message. At Anglicare we do provide Literacy for level 0 – Level 4 . That means if you are adult and want to know about about learning to read and write (But you know nothing) then Anglicare Literacy is your choice. Each level takes 20 weeks to complete. You pay a registration fee of K 20.00. Hope I have answered your questions.


  2. Mary Brenda Maino says:

    Hi, I have one more question to ask, if they finish all there levels, what will they do?


  3. Mary Brenda Maino says:

    Sorry spelling error for there it should be their levels.


  4. Collin Andamale says:

    Excellent Question :- they have to complete all levels and then they have a few options
    1. The can continue on to do FODE ( doing grade 9/10)
    2. They can register to do the following Hands on Skills Training Courses
    A. Basic Computing
    B. Administration & Secretarial Courses
    C. Financial Literacy
    D. Basic Accounting etc…

    The courses are designed in such a way that from Level 4 literacy they can move into Skills training. Having considered that most of the student do not want to continue on schooling but want top be trained in a specific areas to find work immediately, Anglicare PNG understands that.



  5. Marj says:

    Hi there

    I have a question with regards to the Anglicare Adult Literacy Training Center located at North Waigani. Will you be enrolling any interested students there for 2017? If so, when does enrollment/registration start.

    Also, is there a contact number or email you can provide me with. The numbers given in the telephone directory have not been working for some time now and I’m very much interested in speaking to someone with regards to my queries.

    Please assist me with this.




  6. Mary Brenda Maino says:

    When is the registration for the adult literacy?

    Please clarify the date.


  7. Rineso Aruko says:

    Good morning. I am inspired to reading the article about Mary’s questions and replies to her questions.


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