Enga Show – Anglicare Wabag Participates

The 2016 Enga cultural show took place from the 5th to the 7th of August 2016. These three days event attracted people from all over Enga Province.  They turned up in thousands to both participate and watched the show. The show featured singsing groups, displays of traditional ways of doing things, Live band with local & international artists, games, face painting, food stalls, displays of companies and organizations in which Anglicare was one of them.

Prior to the Enga Show, Wabag Anglicare had written to the Enga Show Organizing Committee to allocate a spot to set up the Anglicare tent free of change. For companies and organizations to set up and take part in the show, they were required to pay a fee of K500. However, Wabag Anglicare’s request to set up for free was approved and the organizing committee allocated a good spot to set up the tent.

In the tent, small compartments were made to do HIV Counselling & Testing, and also for STI treatments. In front of the tent was an information booth where leaflets, brochures, posters and other IEC materials were displayed out for interested individuals.



About Anglicare PNG Inc

Anglicare is a National NGO started in Port Moresby and now has establishments in Popondetta, Morobe, Mt. Hagen and Wabag. We also cover nearby provinces like Central and Gulf in our work. The Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby initiated to establish originally called Anglicare StopAIDS PNG (and then changed to Anglicare PNG Inc in 2010 to show the national approach) as a Church response to the growing concern of the rising HIV and AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Papua New Guinea. The concern was not limited to raising awareness, educating, counselling and testing, but to offer care, support, and treatment for the infected and affected due to the high prevalence of stigma and discrimination. Anglicare was established in January 2000 from very humble beginnings by two female expatriates in Port Moresby, Kay Nicol and late Jeannette Southwell, and was incorporated in October of 2002. Anglicare has continued to grow in size due to the securing of Donor funding from a number of organisations over the years and the requests from the communities for services and training in relation to HIV and AIDS. People want to be informed of the changes occurring in their world, but need others to give them accurate information on the things that affect and contribute to the changes. This is where in the past Anglicare had built a reputation of ‘working in the community’ and reaching out to the grass roots people in the isolated areas. The organisation has been instrumental in encouraging more women to participate in decision making and supported them in care development training over the years. The programs and activities have also highlighted many of the gender related issues that women have been dealing with.
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  1. saibomai says:

    Great Stuff guys!!


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