Bank South Pacific Supports AngliCARE PNG with K50 000

The Bank South Pacific (BSP) made their annual generous donation of K 50 000 to support the ongoing work of Anglicare PNG. Over the years BSP has stood with Anglicare by supporting what they do in the communities. On behalf of the Anglicare Foundation, Corporate Manager Collin Andamale thank the Bank South Pacific for this timely donation.

With the funding from BSP, It will be used to set a;

  1. Food Bank/Baskets

Anglicare PNG will set-up its own Food Bank and Storage facilities. This is in line with what the World Health Organisation (WHO) also recommends, the provision of food baskets at the start of ART to combat the excessive hunger that people with HIV, especially those initiating treatment, can experience.

Anglicare will make a substantial efforts to integrate food and nutritional support into its care package for people with HIV. Through the food Bank and storage facilities we can be able to provide nutritious meal for our beneficiaries.

Anglicare National Director Heni Meke said that, Anglicare has substantial evidence that, while rapid scale-up of access to ART is a positive thing, starting patients on ART without ensuring full adherence through an adequate nutritional support system is likely to lead to treatment failure. Evidence suggests that people who receive food supplements recover faster than those who do not so ART access must therefore be just one component in a comprehensive package of care for people with HIV that includes nutritional support.

She also said that, our clients have greater nutritional needs, because their bodies are fighting to reduce their concentration of HIV virus; but HIV and inadequate nutrition reinforce one another in many other ways. When symptomatic, HIV causes food insecurity by making people feel ill and weak, and less able to work to get food. In turn, a lack of adequate nutrition can significantly worsen the health and quality of life of patients. Many lose weight because of chronic ill health – especially if they are co-infected with tuberculosis (TB), a common condition and the greatest killer of HIV-positive people.

Therefore Anglicare PNG has realign this strategy as part of HIV/AIDs program under Client Services Unit that will include nutrition in HIV treatment and care programs.

We thank you Bank of South Pacific for the generous donation.


About Anglicare PNG Inc

Anglicare is a National NGO started in Port Moresby and now has establishments in Popondetta, Morobe, Mt. Hagen and Wabag. We also cover nearby provinces like Central and Gulf in our work. The Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby initiated to establish originally called Anglicare StopAIDS PNG (and then changed to Anglicare PNG Inc in 2010 to show the national approach) as a Church response to the growing concern of the rising HIV and AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Papua New Guinea. The concern was not limited to raising awareness, educating, counselling and testing, but to offer care, support, and treatment for the infected and affected due to the high prevalence of stigma and discrimination. Anglicare was established in January 2000 from very humble beginnings by two female expatriates in Port Moresby, Kay Nicol and late Jeannette Southwell, and was incorporated in October of 2002. Anglicare has continued to grow in size due to the securing of Donor funding from a number of organisations over the years and the requests from the communities for services and training in relation to HIV and AIDS. People want to be informed of the changes occurring in their world, but need others to give them accurate information on the things that affect and contribute to the changes. This is where in the past Anglicare had built a reputation of ‘working in the community’ and reaching out to the grass roots people in the isolated areas. The organisation has been instrumental in encouraging more women to participate in decision making and supported them in care development training over the years. The programs and activities have also highlighted many of the gender related issues that women have been dealing with.
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  1. Natasha Pius says:

    Please send me an email so I can apply for the recent position advertised in the national news paper


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