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Telephone: (675) 325 1855, 325 1841, 325 1852 Fax: (675) 325 1103

Wireless: (675) 343 2014   Mobile: (675) 7190 6211

Blog Address – anglicarepngincblog.wordpress.com

We are located opposite the Waigani (North) Mobil Service Station, along Koura Way, Waigani to Tokarara Road

We are located opposite the Waigani (North) Mobil Service Station, along Koura Way, Waigani to Tokarara Road

Anglicare Profile

Anglicare is a National NGO started in Port Moresby and now has establishments in Popondetta, Morobe, Mt. Hagen and Wabag. We also cover nearby provinces like Central and Gulf in our work.

The Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby initiated to establish originally called Anglicare StopAIDS PNG (and then changed to Anglicare PNG Inc. in 2010 to show the national approach) as a Church response to the growing concern of the rising HIV and AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Papua New Guinea.

The concern was not limited to raising awareness, educating, counselling and testing, but to offer care, support, and treatment for the infected and affected due to the high prevalence of stigma and discrimination.

Anglicare was established in January 2000 from very humble beginnings by two female expatriates in Port Moresby, Kay Nicol and the late Jeannette Southwell, and was incorporated in October of 2002. Anglicare has continued to grow in size due to the securing of Donor funding from a number of organisations over the years and the requests from the communities for services and training in relation to HIV and AIDS.

People want to be informed of the changes occurring in their world, but need others to give them accurate information on the things that affect and contribute to the changes. This is where in the past Anglicare had built a reputation of ‘working in the community’ and reaching out to the grass roots people in the isolated areas.

The organisation has been instrumental in encouraging more women to participate in decision making and supported them in care development training over the years. The programs and activities have also highlighted many of the gender related issues that women have been dealing with.

Through drama and theatre presentations the reality of gender based violence in and around families and how the occurrence of such, has shed light on the incidence of how stopping or changing behavioural patterns can reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Anglicare provides home based care and training for those living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. If they require support whilst caring for someone with HIV or knowing how cook nutritious meals to sustain the health and wellbeing for a patient with HIV.

Providing Anti-Retroviral Treatment is only part of the care given to individuals, Anglicare also has a Psycho Support Officer for the families. Support is provided by way of a Drop in Centre, giving a free hot meal twice a week to those that are able to attend the Anglicare compound in North Waigani. When possible, life-skills training is provided to participants to enable a means of generating a sustainable income stream. The recent inclusion of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program in Schools and the Child Protection Program are additional programs which complement the HIV Program at Anglicare.



12 Responses to About Anglicare PNG Inc.

  1. May your mission be blessed with great progress and new hope throughout the community! Peace and joy be yours,

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  2. Godfrey Yombon says:

    I have worked with a number of NGO’s to help keep good accounting records by establishing a better internal control system. I have also helped in providing consultancy services esp… MYOB Accountright Premier/Plus/Enterprise to active users or provide thorough MYOB services to first time users. I can be of assistance to your organization to help keep accounting records through a good internal control system that would provide immediate audits or solutions to your organization. I like to help NGO’s at an affortable rate. Please contact me on ph 73368288 or email ; godfrey.yombon@gmail.com


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  4. Matrix PNG says:

    We could set up private domain for your website; example – http://www.anglicare.org.pg
    Example websites we have set: http://www.pngtok.net

    If interested, contact us on email: sales@matrixpng.net or Fill our Contact Form on our Webiste http://www.matrixpng.net/contact/ or message us directly on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/matrixpng1/


  5. Bernice Suma says:

    I have worked with private organisations provided services in auditing,training in health,safety and leadership and improvement in their systems management and have also helped other health services within churches and communities in provision of advise and continuous improvement program.

    I like to help NGO’s at an affordable rate and in a sustaibale way. Please contact me on ph 71429820 or email ; bernice.suma@gmail.com


    • Hi Bernice,

      Apologies for the delay of response in several of your emails. Yes we are always in the lookout for assistance and partnership. Your area of expertise is needed in our path to build communities. As such we can discuss further about what you can provide and also we always need volunteers to assist us.

      If you are in Port Moresby you can visit us any time during working hours.

      Thank you



  6. Bernice Suma says:

    I also work with the team to develop their training packages /modules customized to suit the site or community need


  7. Rheinel Maito says:

    Good morning, I am enquiring if you do volunteer adult litearacy teaching?


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